Introducing Virtuosica

Virtuosica is the first all-in-one live music marketplace. Discover independent music artists, hire musicians and bands, post gig openings, create and execute contracts, process fee payments securely, enjoy live streamed performances, and much more - all in one place.

For Artists

For musicians, singers, and bands, Virtuosica is an all-in-one gig and career management platform. Artists can use Virtuosica’s features and tools to be discovered, get hired, and manage everything from gig bookings and contracts to secure payments and live stream gigs to clients right there on the platform.

For Audiences

For audiences and small event organizers, Virtuosica is a live music marketplace. Audiences can discover and hire musicians, singers, and bands for their personal or small corporate events. Virtuosica services include contracting, secure payment with escrow, and live streaming of events on the platform.

Our Team

Warren E. Peterson


Our original founder and ideas man, Warren is a Juilliard trained classical and jazz pianist, vocalist, and IT industry veteran. When he isn't working on Virtuosica, Warren is at his beloved Steinway C&A grand piano, arranging new pieces and coming up with new online solutions for musicians. 

Niki Radisic


Niki is a music aficionado who majored in theater arts, but has spent over 20 years in digital communications and tech. Raised on three continents, Niki feels most at home in multi-cultural online spaces and in her kitchen. "Nikify it" is a term frequently used at Virtuosica.

Teri Lee Hirano

Chief of Talent Acquisition

Teri is a seasoned land brokerage expert for the Greater Los Angeles area and independent business and management consultant. Proud of her Japanese-Hawaiian heritage and California roots, Teri is a social justice activist. If we can't think of a solution to a problem, Teri always can.

Erik D. Griffith

Chief Financial Officer

After 27 years in asset management and commercial banking, Erik retired from global finance. Within a year, he moved to southeast Europe to be with his family, started his own business, and joined Virtuosica for a taste of the other side of finance. 

Joaquin Marques

Chief Data Scientist

Joaquin has been proactive and busy in the tech industry for nearly 40 years, and hasn't missed a beat yet. Having worked at multiple great centers of research and development of AI, NLP, and ML, Joaquin brings a universe of knowledge to Virtuosica's efforts in advancing music tech.

What we do

Virtuosica, Inc. is a Delaware C-corp early stage music marketplace startup headquartered in Marina del Rey, California. 


If that's seems muddy, let's put it in plain terms. Virtuosica is an all-in-one solution for working musicians and audiences find each other, work together, and enjoy streamed live music experiences online. 


Having a party at home and can't find a band that fits the bill? Or perhaps you're a club or restaurant owner with not enough space for a full live band? Need music for a wedding? Engagement? Sweet 16 birthday party? 


That's what Virtuosica is here for. We felt it was high time that audiences be able to discover and hire the incredible amount of talent and musical skill that the world has to offer. And we knew the technology was already there to enable all of those tools, including remote performance and live music streaming, to be available to audiences and musicians at the click of a link. 

Live music streaming

Virtuosica's live music marketplace platform includes discovery, contracting, secure payment processing, and live streaming services - all in one cloud-based platform.  


Virtuosica live streaming is easy to use and available on any device that allows you to log into your Virtuosica account or cast from your laptop. This includes: 


  • Any laptop or desktop computer
  • Android and iOS devices
  • Smart TVs (via casting)
  • Venues equipped with projectors and screens 
  • Venues equipped with professional-grade sound and video devices


And we have the best Customer Service team in the industry on call, to help audiences and artists through the process.

Early beta access

Virtuosica will be launching to U.S. audiences in Spring of 2022. Sign up for early beta access to the platform is now open - and free!

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