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Get hired, play live, get paid - all on Virtuosica.

Be seen & get hired

Musicians and bands are expected to practice regularly, do their own marketing, negotiate gig terms, figure out logistics, and keep up with new tech. That seems unreasonable. Virtuosica takes on 80% of those tasks for you.

Get Discovered

Apply and be approved for a Virtuosica Artist Account. Then set up your profile and upload your best reels and tracks.

Apply for Gigs

Look through the Virtuosica Gig Board for open gigs or invite your existing clients to hire you via Virtuosica.

Get Hired

Negotiate terms and fees, then execute the contract and save the date. Fees are secured in escrow until after the performance.

Set the Stage

Whether you're performing in-person or remotely, use Virtuosica's messaging features to work out the details with your clients. 

Play Live

Gigs contracted on Virtuosica can be delivered onsite or online via Virtuosica's built in live streaming feature. 

Get Paid

Gig fees are distributed 5 days after the performance has been delivered. Virtuosica takes its cut when you get paid.

Live Stream Across the United States

Virtuosica includes live streaming services right on the platform. In fact, being hired remotely and live streaming your performances will likely save Artists money on travel, accommodation, meals, and other expenses. This means Artists can reach wider Audiences, be hired more frequently, perform in familiar and / or safer environments, and create more regular income streams with fewer expenses involved. 


Virtuosica live streaming is easy to use and available on any device that allows you to log into your Virtuosica account and live stream. This includes: 


  • Any laptop or desktop computer
  • Android and iOS devices
  • Professional digital audio and video equipment


Live streaming live performances on Virtuosica enables Artists to connect with Audiences in real time and is especially useful for small spaces and situations that otherwise wouldn’t be able to provide live music. 

How Artists Get Paid

Virtuosica includes contracting and payment processing services that make it easier and safer to hire musicians - and make sure the performance goes smoothly. 


Despite 21st century advancements, small live music gigs are usually still contracted on a handshake deal and paid in cash. This sometimes makes agreements unclear and whether a live music performance will go through as planned, or at all, depends solely on trust and good fortune.


Virtuosica removes any doubt. Artists hired musicians on Virtuosica can reach Audiences anywhere in the United States and negotiate terms, include those terms in a valid contract executed on Virtuosica. Agreed fee amounts are secured and placed in escrow until the live performance has been successfully delivered, so there’s no wondering whether or not Artists will get paid, provided they deliver the contracted performance.


We also offer the best Customer Service team in the industry and invite you to contact our team anytime for anything to help you through the process.


Virtuosica gets paid when Artists get paid. We also provide Premium and additional services for Artists who choose or require more devotion or services. 

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