The world's first DIY virtual concert platform

Virtuosica is the little ol' startup from Marina Del Rey, California, that aims to bring live music performances to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Leading a new era of live music

Virtuosica, Inc. is a California-based music tech and entertainment company.


The company’s flagship product, the Virtuosica platform, is a virtual concert marketplace, providing the tools, online venue, marketing, and technologies to enable and empower musicians to reach new and existing audiences.


Founded in 2021, Virtuosica, Inc. released the beta of its flagship platform in July 2022.

Artist Discovery

Virtuosica Artist profiles are displayed and promoted on social media and we provide personalized marketing tips for Artists.

Direct Payment

We use Stripe secure payment processing to reserve booking fees and process payouts directly to Artists. 

Live Streaming

Our built-in live streaming solution allows musicians and bands to stream live performances directly to any venue that event hosts choose.


Our messaging feature lets event hosts and musicians discuss terms, fees, set lists, and other details before and after they have a contract in place.


Our booking feature includes a downloadable performance contract so both parties understand their obligations for each performance.

Customer Support

When our extensive Knowledge Base just doesn't cut it, Virtuosica's omnichannel Customer Support team provides one-on-one human customer care. 

"I'm so excited and privileged to be a part of such an amazing platform that really understands independent artists. When I met them I immediately knew that this is an organization that I want to stick to and help make as successful as possible. They are the REAL DEAL!"

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