Virtuosica Selected for Newchip’s Intensive Global Pre-Seed Accelerator Program

Virtuosica live music marketplace platform among top applicants selected for Newchip’s pre-seed accelerator program.

Marina del Rey, CA, April 19, 2022 –  Virtuosica, Inc., the California-based startup building a complete live music marketplace, where audiences can discover and hire independent musicians and watch live streamed performances on any device, was recently accepted into Newchip’s renowned global accelerator program. Virtuosica aims to gauge the unique and extensive Newchip accelerator program to continue rapid development and scaling of the company. Past Newchip accelerator cohorts averaged more than 17 times the average funding amount. The equity-free, fully digital accelerator has empowered over 1,500 founders from more than 50 countries in raising over $450 million in funding with an estimated portfolio of over $9B. 

“Newchip evaluates a diverse number of companies across all industries from around the world, selecting a small percentage to join our accelerator,” says Armando Vera Carvajal, Vice President of Product at Newchip. “This strict selection process makes us an ideal partner for investors looking for promising start-ups. Virtual event and music tech companies like Virtuosica can scale quickly and control that scaling with proper funding and guidance. We especially keep an eye out for up-and-coming technologies and applications and, knowing the current market, we’re excited for Virtuosica and believe they will do well at Newchip.”

Gearing to launch the beta of its live music marketplace platform in May of this year, Virtuosica has so far accrued $300,000 in pre-seed investment and is building industry partnerships that are expected to lead to new innovations in live music experiences and a bright future for independent, working musicians.  

“More than a company, Virtuosica is a mission and a set of ideals,” says founder and CEO Warren Peterson. “We want to deliver a new way of experiencing live music to anyone, anywhere, anytime and, at the same time, create opportunities for regular income and career growth for working musicians. We believe that by joining the Newchip Accelerator program, we’ll be better, stronger, and can achieve that faster.”

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